Standard Contract blue-collar

Documents in English are not valid in law and thus have no legal force.

Our standard blank labour contracts for blue-collar is in all possible variations: fulltime, part-time (more and less than 13 hours a week), limited and unlimited duration.

For part-time contracts, an extract from the labour contract is always provided for (3rd page): you have to keep record of this in your company regulations.

Take into account: for contracts below 13 hours a week, it is impossible under any circumstance to deviate from the scheduled hours as listed in the labour agreement, unless over-time falls immediately before or after the scheduled hours, in which case, however, the over-time must be compensated to 150 or 200%. A copy of these labour agreements must always be submitted to ‘Toezicht Sociale Wetten’, or the office for socio-economic oversight.

If you would like your account manager to draw up the contract for you, do not hesitate to contact us.