Did you walk through a glass door? Is your roof damaged after a severe thunder storm? Has your house been damaged after a burglary?

Here you can find the necessary documents to fill in when dealing with damage.

Claim forms

AG Insurance Accident declaration
Medical certificate
DKV Accident declaration
Report serious illness
Vivium (group insurance) Medical certificate
AXA Accident declaration
Medical certificate
Declaration of illness or accidents


Do you need more information when filling in your forms? Here you can find all the phone numbers of insurance companies that can be reached 24/7.

Tips for filling in your forms

  1. Fill in your form immediately after the fact
  2. Ensure that all your personal information and that of the other party are complete
  3. The same goes for the data of the insurance companies of both parties
  4. Preferably write down the contact information of witnesses if present
  5. Take pictures if possible. This will provide evidence and avoid debate
  6. Don’t forget to sign the damage form.