Fictitious inspection & Social Audit

Correct application of the Belgian employment and social security legislation is not an easy task. In our country, there are more than 10 different services that fall under ‘social inspection’ and will come to inspect your company.

As an entrepreneur, you must therefore possess a correct and up-to-date social administration.

This means:

  • The rules regarding work duration must be correct
  • Proper declaration of the several salary elements and benefits
  • Drawing up legally sound employment contracts and clauses
  • Complying with diverse disclosure requirements
  • Adjust work regulations to the current laws and circumstances in your company
  • Creating a car or mobile policy

Are you, as an entrepreneur, certain that your company will hold up during a social inspection?

Request a fictitious inspection now and let our experts subject your company to a surprise inspection where everything will be examined.

We do this at an hourly rate and will establish a maximum and minimum sum beforehand so you know what you will pay after the fact.

Our specialist can also create an analysis on the spot, assessing your wage bill to see if cuts or optimisations are possible.

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