Various documents

  • Alternative compensation arrangements: a complete brochure on how you, as an employer, can keep your labour costs at a minimum.
  • Deviation register: when an employee deviates from the hour schedule listed in his/her contract, you can use this form (it is important to join or staple pages together, as it only counts as a legal document in the form of a booklet).

The following documents are not yet available:

  • Information sheet new employee: always useful so your account manager is prepared to assist you with payroll processing in the best possible way.
  • Application and/or notification of temporary unemployment: if you want to make use of provisions for economic unemployment, and you want us to take care of the necessary paperwork.
  • Shortened form ‘dimona’ declaration: If you have little time and you want us to take care of ‘dimona’ for you – for further information ask your account manager by email.
  • Declaration unpaid leave: if your employee wants to take unpaid leave, we advise to have him/her undersign this form.
  • Declaration commuting: declaration of employee regarding his/her movements between home and job.
  • Exemption detailed listing mobility: for employers in construction.