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30 March 2018

Are you GDPR proof yet?

What is GDPR? GDPR ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ addresses the management and protection the personal data of European citizens. This new legislation replaces directive 95/46/EG and the Belgian privacy-law of December 8th 1992. When will this legislation become enforceable? On…

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9 February 2018

We are happy to contribute…

Thanks to our ‘Refer-a-Friend action’ we collected 950 euros in January to donate to the charity foundation ‘Kom op tegen kanker’. On top of that, Besox will participate the 100 km run for charity on Sunday the 18th of March….

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22 March 2017

We Want To Hack Belgium

We want to Hack Belgium. Literally. But before you conclude that we want to release the credit card details of parliamentarians, hold your horses. We mean in ‘hack’ in the sense of finding inventive, efficient, creative solutions to tricky problems….

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