Our tasks

As a social secretariat, we carry out several tasks for you so you can concentrate on your core activities.

What does all of this mean?

You start with your own company

  • Request business number/VAT number
  • Draw up declarations of accession
  • Take out insurance for work accidents
  • Complimentary child benefit fund
  • Complimentary external service prevention
  • Request NSSO number
  • Request procuration so we can get your Dimonas in order and if needed pass on the NSSO and wage bill tax for you.

You start with staff

  • Draw up contracts
  • File Dimonas
  • Put together an optimal salary package
  • Put together extra-legal benefits
  • Draw up work regulations
  • Calculate year-end bonus
  • Draw up holidays (leave arrangement?)

What else you can expect from us:

  • Monthly compensation of administration
  • Legal support
  • Defence and protection of your position as employer
  • Administrative support in case of sickness of employees
  • Compensation for self-employed persons
  • Calculation of redundancy payments and termination period
  • Administrative follow-up during discontinuation

 Good to know

We send you one complete invoice per month which also features the sums for the NSSO and wage bill tax.