alternatieve verloning

Alternative compensation

How can I provide my staff with alternative compensation?

Seeing the high taxes on work in Belgium, we at Besox specialise in optimising our clients’ wage costs the best we can.

We also made an informative series of videos about alternative compensation to easily convey these matters to entrepreneurs that have staff working for them in Belgium. Use this link to consult our brochure on alternative compensation.

You don’t like self-education and want a specialist at the scene? We will send one and they will analyse your wage bill to see if cuts or optimisations are possible!

Entrepreneurs who aren’t clients at Besox can also use this service.

Fill in our contact form and we will contact you without any commitment on your part.


Which forms of alternative compensation exist?

video 1/8: Intervention in travel expenses

video 2/8: Costs paid by employer / Indemnities

video 3/8: Vouchers : Meal, ecological & gift vouchers

video 4/8: Social welfare such as extra-legal child benefits

video 5/8: Provision of IT

video 6/8: Bonuses: salary bonus, warrant plan, innovation premium

video 7/8: Benefits of all kinds such as electricity, dwelling

video 8/8: Insurances: group insurance, hospitalisation insurance, private savings