Prevent late DIMONA employment registration!

16 January 2017

Dimona is the electronic message with which the employer must register each recruitment and resignation of an employee. In case of recruitment, the registration should be completed before the start of employment, at the latest. In case of resignation, the registration should be done the next working day, at the latest.

If the DIMONA employment registration is not completed, or not completed on time, then the employer can be fined with a criminal sanction or an administrative fine.

The RSZ can also impose a solidarity contribution. This sum is in principle equal to 3 times the basic contributions on the guaranteed average minimum monthly income, but with a minimum amount of € 2,500 per employee. This minimum amount is determined by the evolution of the health index so it is adjusted each year. For 2017, the minimum amount of this solidarity contribution is € 2,816.24 per employee.

This sum is subsequently reduced:

  • by the total of contributions due for part-time workdays that were indicated for the employee involved;
  • in relation to the part-time workdays, if the employee can prove the material impossibility to perform full-time.


Source: Administrative instructions RSZ, 2016/4