We Want To Hack Belgium

22 March 2017

We want to Hack Belgium. Literally. But before you conclude that we want to release the credit card details of parliamentarians, hold your horses. We mean in ‘hack’ in the sense of finding inventive, efficient, creative solutions to tricky problems. Like this 17-year-old who is making energy from poo.

And which tricky problems do we want to hack? Well, those on a Belgian scale – and beyond. Think for instance, about food. We produce so much of it that a lot goes to waste, and yet some people don’t have enough.

Or think about work: we have people suffering from burn-out because they have too much of it, and yet we have a huge problem with unemployment. Want another example? Think about mobility. We Belgians have it all: roads, busses, trains, airports, trams, metros, bikes, feet. Yet we waste our time and good mood sitting in traffic jams.


Hell yeah.

That’s why we want to Hack Belgium.

We know that in this little cloudy country tons and tons of people have big and ambitious dreams. And we know that Belgium is stuffed with expertise. You can find experts in new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Biohacking, Robotics around every corner. We want to make the dreamers and the experts meet. So that they inspire one another to invent drone-driven oxygen-emitting flying cars that fold to the size of a bike – and then team up to make that happen.


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