Warm, human and competent



Printdeal is the Belgian subsidiary of the ‘’Nederlandse Drukwerkdeal’’, which in turn is part of Cimpress, the largest online printing platform in the world. Country manager Tino Cucca: “The Netherlands was not really satisfied with the services provided by their previous payroll office. An extensive market study showed that Besox was the ideal social secretariat to meet our needs”.

“Our Dutch HR department was impressed by Besox’s strong involvement.”

Printdeal processes around 400 to 500 orders per day, half of them are for resellers. The company prides itself on delivering the best price/quality in the area of online printing and with personal service. Delivery can be to any address: at home, at the office, with acquaintances.


When Drukwerkdeal started with Printdeal in Belgium, there was a need for a local social secretariat for the eleven employees. The legislation for payroll administration in Belgium is completely different to the one in the Netherlands.

SD Worx ended up not being a wonderful choice: long waiting times, unclear communication, and a dedicated contact person who turned out not to be so dedicated … “The HR department decided to conduct a thorough investigation into a possible alternative. Several providers were approached and invited for a personal interview. Besox came out on top: they were involved and knowledgeable/competent and at the same time also very human. We still start with them from the 1st of January and I am really looking forward to it. It will simplify a lot of things.”



Who is Printdeal?

Business cards, New Year’s wishes, banners, banners, leaflets, printed envelopes, brochures … Printdeal is the one-stop-shop for your online printing. Tino Cucca knows what he is talking about: he was the co-founder of a digital printing company in Vlaanderen in 1999, and 14 years later he combined his experience with the Belgian market with the large-scale and printer’s know-how of the Dutch Cimpress/Drukwerkdeal. And with success.

“Our customers are not lost on our website: we give them personal guidance. Via the telephone we can guide them through the possibilities they find on our website, but we also offer them personal guidance. In our showroom they can actually experience our products: we have ‘samples’ so they get an idea of the final product and we also have a sample box with all the paper types that they can view at home before making a decision online.”