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Auto Shopping Wijnegem is a recognised sales point and repairer of the PSA Groupe1 and since 2015 and is located in front of the Wijnegem Shopping Centre, but was already active in Borgerhout. After yet another incident with his previous payroll office, deputy director Dirk Gabriël decided to switch to Besox.

“I receive a personal approach and an answer to all my questions”

They no longer need to save for a new one and they also don’t have to drive it till it dies in flight. And the lease agreement is not just the car, it also contains the insurance, road tax, maintenance contract… Almost 80 % of our private sales nowadays includes a maintenance contract.


After 15 years, Gabriel was done with the previous payroll office. “They change your file manager every six months because they want their people to rotate. By doing that personal contact is of course impossible.

And there were a few mistakes that they did not sufficiently anticipate, which cost me a ton of money. That was the last straw. Besox just started with an office in Antwerp and from them I received a personal approach and an answer to all my questions. They think with me and I think that’s very important.”

What Gabriël was also taken by, was that for their new employee they bought a company vehicle in his garage in Antwerp. To him it was a clear sign that they wanted a long term relationship. “I really appreciate their personal take. They stop by regularly and when I contact them I just have to say my name and that’s enough – they know my file by heart. They really think along with me so I can focus on the future. And that’s necessary, because in the year 2020 there will be major investments: a bigger showroom, a new workshop, a doubling of the staff… With Besox at least I know I don’t have to worry about the latter.”

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Who is Auto Shopping Wijnegem?

The car industry is no longer what it was twenty years ago: when a vehicle consisted of 80% mechanics. Now it is barely 30%; the rest is multimedia, electronics and chemistry. “That has a big impact on the knowledge we expect from our employees”, said Dirk Gabriël, “the time that you could only run a garage with good mechanics is over.”

When Gabriël van Borgerhout moved to Wijnegem, he sold about 60 to 80 vehicles annually. He started at his new location with 5 employees, a number that he had to expand quickly. Now Auto Shopping Wijnegem has 16 employees and the annual number of vehicles sold stands at 350. “It is not only the construction and composition of a car that change, but also the concept: people no longer have a car, but they lease it.”