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Open a current account

You use a current account for your daily payments. All you need is a bank card.

You can make purchases in the store with your card or use it to get cash from an ATM.

What else can you do with a current account?

  • Transfer money
  • Manage domiciled payments (= an automatic transfer)
  • Check your balance

You can choose between a current account at Start2bank or at Comfort2bank.


Start2bank current account

comfort2bank current account

Monthly contribution free 3,90 euro / maand (free until 25 years)
Bank card 2 included(1 per holder) 2 included (1 per holder)
Visa Classic credit card 2 euros extra / month 2 included (1 per holder)
Account statements free online free online or monthly delivered to your home
Home banking yes yes
Mobile banking yes yes
Online security yes yes
Below zero (on demand) yes yes
Counter service no yes
Transactions at counter no yes


Do you want more information or did you already make a choice? Feel free to contact us and we will get your current account in order!