kredietkaart aanvragen

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What’s a credit card for?

With a credit card, you can pay anywhere in the world. Your payment or money withdrawal will not immediately be taken out of your account, but deducted after the fact. This is therefore different from your debit card or bank card where money is immediately taken out of your account.

Why choose a credit card?

  • Your expenses aren’t immediately taken out of your account
  • You can pay anywhere in the world
  • Make online purchases safely and easily
  • Decide your monthly limit together with us

Do note! Withdrawing money with your credit card costs money.


Visa Classic

Visa premiumplus

Standard expenditure limit (flexible) 2.500 euro or more 2.500 euro or more
Monthly bijdrage included at comfort2bank, 2 euro at start2bank 4,40 euro / month
Acceptedworldwide yes yes
Always money in your pocket yes yes
Monthly overview yes yes
Tracking online expenses yes yes
Online purchases yes yes
Pay up to 1 month later yes yes
Pay safely and quickly yes yes
Cancellation insurance no yes
Medical travel assistance and repatriation no yes
Complate travel insurance no yes
2 years guarantee no yes
Extensive purchase insurance no yes


Do you have questions or do you want to request a credit card? Feel free to contact us!