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What we do

You prefer to do what you’re good at, so do we

Besox and its staff guarantee speedy and accurate wages processing, limiting your administrative burden as an entrepreneur. After all, having a correct payroll is an important element in building a relationship of trust with your staff, a crucial aspect of any business. We support employers with their administrative obligations towards their workers at any stage of their working relationship.

This includes guaranteeing all calculations and projections of wages, documentation regarding payroll, and any questions you (or your employees) might have regarding the processing of salaries.

At our payroll office you’re not just a number, you will be consistently addressed personally by your own account manager. If, in addition, you need legal assistance, our lawyers will always be on call to provide you with answers in clear language.

On top of payroll processing and administration, we can also help you put the right insurance in order and provide financial advice. After all, Besox has its own bank and insurance offices.