Wide number of services

Amotheek Cosaert


Bart Cosaert runs a pharmacy on the Lippenslaan in Knokke. His grandfather started it and he continues the business as a third generation. His father entrusted human resources to the sociaal secretariaat van de kust, the herald of Besox. Bart saw no reason to change that. In addition, he also arranges all professional banking transactions and insurance policies with the Besox office ‘behind the corner’.

Some matters are much easier to discuss during personal contact

Robot will increase personal service

Bart took over the business from his father five years ago, although he has not completely disappeared from the scene: he helps out 2 to 3 days a week. Like you would expect from the young generation, digitisation has also become a bigger focus. This ensures an optimisation of the administration, orders, stock and invoicing. Soon this optimisation will peak, when Pharmacy Cosaert moves to a new building, five houses up the road.

“We will have a robot that will neatly arrange all orders and supplies, so that we can spend even more time on the customer. It will also allow us to offer additional services: in our new pharmacy there will be a special department for medical devices.”


It can almost be called a luxury that Bart Cosaert can literally find a full range of professional services just around the corner to run his business. “It’s a good and pleasant thing that I can just jump in. After all, you discuss matters much easier during personal contact.”

In addition to various staff matters (contract job student, schedule adjustment and so on), Cosaert finds it a real plus that he can also go to other professional matters at Besox. “They have a wide range of services and the information flows smoothly from one department to another. I don’t have to keep telling my story over and over again. That greatly facilitates my work.”


Who is pharmacy Cosaerts?

De Lippenslaan has no less than four pharmacists. To distinguish themselves, the Cosaerts have always built up a very personal relationship with their customers. Service, knowledge and trust are the key words for this. It is just a coincidence that those are also the values of Besox. “It is important to know the medical history of the customers so that you can offer them personal service. In addition, we also ensure that we have a large stock so that customers do not have to return for their medicine. It also happens regularly that we deliver medicines at home after hours. Our customers highly appreciate that.”