pensioen sparen

Pension saving

Do you want to maintain your current standard of life?

Then start your private savings as soon as possible and profit from a lovely tax benefit.

Why would you save for your pension?

  • Unfortunately, your statutory pension is not sufficient. This amounts to approximately 60% of your last salary in Belgium.
  • You can enjoy an annual tax reduction. This is a tax benefit of 30% of your paid-up pension amount.
  • You enjoy a nice return at the final date.

Does your employer provide group insurance?

Good! But just a group insurance won’t do. It’s always good to have an extra plan to save for yourself using your bank.

Other advantages

  • You can choose yourself how much you’re saving per month or per year
  • You’ll benefit from a tax reduction
  • You’ll benefit a cheap taxation at the final date
  • You can revise your savings plan at any time

Bereken hier uw fiscaal voordeel van pensioensparen!

Do you have any question about saving for your pension? Please contact us!