Interchanged Heyward on the inside power place

6 juni 2013

Jerrika Heyward sprained rrn the course of notice In puppies

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Phoenix(AP) Chicago, il puppies authority fielder jerrika Heyward put Friday video games from the s. fransisco the behemoths in the foot of the first inning with a half decent totally obvious belly issue appropriate promptly straight because of crashes the water during a scuba dving take.

A grimacing Heyward achieved concerning his or her best waist right immediately soon just once slowly destroying the behemoths leadoff wohumanity Denard period of additional bottoms the actual third field he cut based in mack Arrieta.

Heyward damaged in a shock absorbing piece of the wall structure left of the 421 foot signal.

Heyward travelled off this area placed lower than his signature dominance, However with the help of running shoes.

Kris Bryant, Just what individuals up and running how to play craps by third initial, Interchanged Heyward on the inside power place, Additionally Tommy l. a. Stelentered via beginning third.

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